Trailering Your Boat Seminar


Trailering Your Boat

Trailering Your Boat course book cover with couple trailering a boat at ramp

Overcome boating boredom by trailering your boat to areas with better fishing, weather, or camping facilities. You'll gain the skills and tips needed to safely move your trailerable boat as well as maintenance hints and boat ramp etiquette. Get tips on protecting your gear before, during, and after transit, and learn the "one-block rule".

This two-hour seminar includes how to select tow vehicles, hitches, and trailers, how to safely and securely trailer your boat, launch it, and retrieve it, and how to operate and maintain your trailering equipment. The seminar includes video segments provided by the US Coast Guard and excellent slide notes. An optional excellent book titled Trailering Your Boat, written by Bruce Smith and published as a USPS Guide by McGraw-Hill is also available. This book serves as an excellent reference on all of these topics.

What's included?

  • The challenge of trailering
  • Choosing your vehicle
  • Types of hitches
  • Choosing and equipping your trailer
  • The art of towing
  • Launching your boat
  • Trailering sailboats
  • Maintenance