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Welcome aboard America’s Boating Club®!

Your boating home on the water.

Regardless of where you operate your sailboat, whether you are a beginner, a liveaboard, or an old salt, America’s Boating Club® has a course or seminar created just for you! If you just want to drop your hook for lunch at your local lake or if you want to follow the stars and sail the ocean blue, our goal is to help you build your sailing, boat handling, and navigation skills to make your time on the water not only fun but also safe and rewarding.

At America’s Boating Club, you’ll find a course or seminar designed to build the sailing and navigation skills for where you do your sailing, whether freshwater lakes and rivers or coastal and offshore waters. If you are a beginning boater, we’ll help you get certification to operate your boat that is accepted in most States. If you are ready to learn more, we can help you learn about things like advanced and celestial navigation, weather, tides and currents, engine maintenance, GPS and other electronic navigation devices, proper knots for securing and tying up, how to use a VHF or single sideband radio to communicate and call for emergency assistance, plan a cruise, and much more. And these courses may qualify you for boat insurance discounts as well!

Click on the links below to find courses and seminars that are either online or available at a local club/squadron near you.