Propane Systems On Your Boat

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Propane Systems On Your Boat

Don’t get burned! Learn the safe use and maintenance of boat propane systems.


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This seminar gives you the tools to use propane fuel safely on the water. Propane and butane, also known as LPG, are the most common cooking fuels used on boats. While efficient, cost effective and widely available, these fuels can also be dangerous. This seminar explains boat propane systems, propane safety, and how to keep your boat and crew safe. You will learn:

  • The proper way to turn propane appliances on and off safely
  • How to check for propane leaks
  • The basics of inspecting and maintaining your propane system
  • Parts of a safe marine propane system
  • How to use and store small propane fuel cylinders
  • Important properties of propane and butane fuel

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