Using VHF & VHF/DSC Marine Radio


Using VHF & VHF/DSC Marine Radio

Using VHF and VHF/DSC Marine Radio course book cover CD and marketing material

Get familiar with your boat's VHF marine radio in just two hours. Experienced instructors teach you how to use VHF radio like a pro, including the new digital selective calling (DSC) rescue feature.  You'll also get tips on purchasing and installing VHF to get the most out of your investment. A handy waterproof McGraw-Hill Captain's QuickGuide Using VHF is optionally available with essential information that you should have aboard. This QuickGuide explains to anyone on your crew how to use the radio, a real benefit if you’re unable to help in an emergency.

What's included?

  • How VHF radios work and their controls
  • Using the correct channels
  • Using correct procedures and terminology
  • Advanced methods of communication
  • How digital selective calling (DSC) equipped radios work and their controls
  • Practice DSC calls using the included DSC simulator on CD

You can take this seminar online if more convenient.


Here's a sample of the online seminar: