Basic Weather and Forecasting Seminar


Basic Weather and Forecasting

Basic Weather and Forecasting Seminar book cover showing a hurricane from space

Are the winds too strong?  What is a small craft advisory? The safety and comfort of those who venture out on the water have always been weather dependent.  This seminar, a must for boaters who have never taken a weather course, will help you answer these questions and gain an understanding of the forces acting on your boat.  Understand the forecast and know what to expect, whether you're in a kayak, trawler, sailboat, or schooner. This seminar presents a complex subject in a way that is both understandable and useful.

Each seminar participant receives a Student Guide with slide images and complete notes written especially for the seminar. 

Basic Weather and Forecasting may be taken in a squadron-run session or as a fully interactive online learning experience titled Weather for Boaters. Either way, this comprehensive seminar can be completed in 2-4 hours.

What's included?

  • What causes weather
  • How weather systems move
  • Why winds blow
  • What clouds tell us
  • How storms and fronts create foul weather
  • Why fog forms
  • Where to get the best professional forecasts
  • How to refine them using your own observations

You can take this seminar online if more convenient.

Here's a sample of the online seminar: