Rules of the Road


Rules of the Road: A Practical Approach

Rules of the Road is offered as a seminar and as part of the Boat Handling course.

Navigational rules of the road help you know what to do when you share the water with other boats, how to recognize and signal intentions, and how to avoid a collision.  This seminar focuses in a practical way on helping you understand the basic rules encountered by recreational boaters during almost every boating outing and the rules most likely to apply in the local waters where you boat.  It covers skipper responsibilities, general rules, and definitions, rules to avoid a collision, lights and shapes, and sound and light signals.

Ask your local squadron about on-the-water coaching to help you practice recognizing local situations, the rules that apply, and the actions you should take.  And be sure to read the United States Coast Guard's Navigational Rules and Regulations Handbook for the authoritative word on all rules of the road, since - as the skipper or designated crew member - you are responsible to know the rules that apply anywhere you boat.