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Looking for hands on training on the water?

America’s Boating Club’s on-the-water training programs are offered by:

  • Local clubs
  • Our Training Centers

We have currently offer four types of on-the-water training. Our flexible programs include:

  • Jump Start: This one-on-one training designed for you is intended to help you get to know your new boat. Typically up to two hours long, it is offered by local clubs free of charge.
  • Course Supplements: Many local clubs offer on-the-water training in conjunction with course and seminar offerings.

Our credentialed programs are offered by our Learning Centers and some local clubs. They include:

  • Hands-On Training: This training focuses primarily on boat handling skills. Training is available for recreational boats up to 24' in length; and it is available for larger boats in a separate program.
  • Boat Operator Certification: We currently have four levels of BOC certification that involve completion of required curriculum and successful demonstration of boat handling and navigation skills on the water.