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Radar For Boaters

The Radar Book course book cover with radar equipment

Welcome to Radar for Boaters. Developed by Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, this course is up to date for radar technologies available now and into the near future. The course covers the different types of radar equipment, their capabilities and limitations, as well as their features and how they apply to students’ needs. It covers what you need to know about radar, from how and where to mount the antenna to how to interpret the displays, so you can use your radar for collision avoidance and for navigational purposes.

Students attending this course should have completed America’s Boating Course (or another NASBLA-approved boating safety course), preferably have completed Marine Navigation and Advanced Marine Navigation (currently Piloting and Advanced Piloting), and have boating experience. Radar for Boaters is a required course for BOC-Offshore Navigation certification.

September 18, 2018. At this time:

  • Student and instructor course materials may be ordered using the online shopping cart or standard order form. 
  • However, squadrons will not yet be able to set the course up in HQ800, pending completion of HQ systems work to handle new electives. If your squadron runs a course before this capacity is available, don't worry. As soon as systems are ready, you will be able to add the course and students after the fact.
  • The instructor kit includes a 50-question multiple choice exam and grading sheet. Exams will be administered and graded locally in a proctored setting. Once HQ systems are available, SEOs will be able to communicate exam results, and successful completion of the course will be able to be added to students' training records.

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