Paddle Smart Seminar


Paddle Smart

Encompassing everything from paddleboards to canoes and kayaks, paddleboats make boating affordable and accessible for everyone.  USPS training helps you do it safely.  Based on a compendium of information from the paddling community, this seminar prepares you to boat safely on small lakes, streams, and rivers. The seminar kit includes an attendee workbook for note-taking and reference. “The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook” by Shelly Johnson and “Introduction to Paddling – canoeing basics for lakes and rivers” by the American Canoe Association are optionally available. 

What's included?

  • Risks 
  • Safety
  • Paddle craft "language"
  • How to select a paddle craft 
  • Necessary equipment 
  • Life jackets for paddlers 
  • Paddles 
  • Optional equipment 
  • Helmets
  • Cold water protection 
Paddle Smart




Paddling advice



Approximately 2 hours


Varies; members get a discount