Boat Handling Under Power Seminar


Boat Handling Under Power

Learn how to depart, dock, and handle different types of boats while looking like a pro.  Learn the different types of propulsion, steering, and trimming so you can develop proficiency in handling your vessel in rough seas and maneuvering in close quarters. The seminar materials include a Student Guide with slide images and complete notes.  A copy of the waterproof Captain's QuickGuide Boat Handling under Power is optionally available. 

What's included?

  • How to operate powerboats and sailboats under power 
  • Close quarters maneuvering
  •  Handling
  •  Propulsion
  • Types of steering 
  • Jet drives
  • Turning
  • Steering in reverse
  • Single and twin screw
  • Docking
Boat Handling Under Power




Boat Handling Skills



Approximately 2 hours


Varies; members get a discount