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Completed: Oceanography: Ocean Waves & Navigation Software

Learn all about ocean waves and how they affect navigation planning before launch and while underway. America’s Boating Club webinar “Oceanography:¬†Ocean Waves & Navigation Software” covers

  • a brief history of the contributors to this field of Oceanography
  • the process of wave generation
  • how ocean waves affect boat handling
  • how wave height increases to dangerous levels when encountering opposing ocean currents, estuary and river flows at coastal inlets, particularly on ebb tides
  • where to find and retrieve nearshore and open ocean wave data, including the NOAA forecast models, Wave Watch III and the Nearshore Wave Prediction System
  • National Weather Service wind/wave advisory guidelines and how the NWS presents wave forecast information in several of its weather products

Navigation software can retrieve and use NOAA wave data generated by Wave Watch III. We will demonstrate OpenCPN and zyGRIB to evaluate what effect the waves will have on your route.

Oceanography: Ocean Waves & Navigation Software
$25 | Oct. 9, 2018 | 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT

The webinar will be recorded for re-viewing by attendees and for viewing by registered users who miss the live event.


Ocean waves, how they affect navigation planning and much more


2 hours including Q&A