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Hurricane Preparation for Boaters Webinar

If you live in a hurricane-susceptible area, you need to create a hurricane plan for your boat. Given the severity and unpredictability of hurricanes, it’s best to act early, even before a hurricane watch is issued. The best hurricane plan is useless if you don’t have enough time to implement it.

Remember, other boat owners will be securing their boats, too. Your hurricane hole may be full, your marina jammed, and access roads and bridges may be closed if you wait too long.

The America’s Boating Club Webinar “Hurricane Preparation for Boaters” topics include

  • the hurricane environment
  • preparing your boat
  • insurance options
  • after the storm

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Hurricane Preparation for Boaters | $25 | Postponed; Date TBA


Preparing your boat, creating a hurricane plan and much more


2 hours including Q&A