Learn Online With an Instructor

Live webinars let instructors and students meet in a virtual classroom. Because the sessions are live, instructors can deliver the most up-to-date information available. We record most sessions for students to review, and in case they can’t attend the live session. Preregistration is required. Previous webinars have included: Crossing Borders, GRIDs and GRIBs: Computer Forecasting and Navigation, Marine Weather Forecasting, Thunderstorm/Severe Weather Forecasting, and Oceanography. Our latest webinar is Emergencies On Board.

Emergencies On Board promo photo showing ocean and sky

Preparing to handle common problems before you leave the dock and knowing how to deal with them when they arise adds to your boating enjoyment. This 2-hour webinar prepares you to

  • Prevent and Handle Common Vessel Emergencies
  • Prevent and Handle Medical Emergencies
  • Communicate Effectively in Emergency Situations

Intended for power boaters and sailors, the webinar includes specific how-to guidance delivered live by boating experts. The webinar costs just $25 and also includes a comprehensive downloadable student guide and access to the entire recorded webinar!


Handling vessel emergencies, medical emergencies and more


2 hours including Q&A