Cruise With Confidence

Boating Beyond The Day Trip

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cruise with confidence


Be ready to enjoy your one to three week cruise. Prepare with the three seminars that make up this course:

  • Planning Your Boating Cruise  Learn how to choose the destinations, length, and season for your cruise as well as how to cross borders, plan meals and provision your boat
  • Weather for Boaters  Learn to recognize the early signs of changing weather; how to anticipate storms, squalls, fog, and wind shifts; and become familiar with basic weather elements and how they affect your boating experience
  • Cruising Boats and Systems  Learn about cruising boats, the various mechanical and electrical systems, navigation systems, safety gear, anchoring, and electronic communications


Completing these three seminars and passing the online exam will give you credit for the classroom Cruise Planning Course.


Buy Cruise with Confidence and get all three seminars and the exam for only $75 dollars. Purchased separately, the seminars cost $90.


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Cruise With Confidence (3 seminars plus exam)              $75


Or if you want only 1 of the seminars:

Planning Your Boating Cruise (single seminar)                $30

Weather for Boaters (single seminar)                                  $30

Cruising Boats and Systems (single seminar)                   $30


Members qualify for a 20% discount!


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