Together, we make boating better.

For 107 years, America’s Boating Club® has helped make boating better through boating education and safety programs. This year, we are asking for your help. Your generous gift will fund urgently needed educational initiatives, provide operational support during challenging times and ensure that America's Boating Club® enters 2022 ready to fulfill its mission of keeping our waterways safe. Learn more or donate now.

Port Captains

America's Boating Club® has volunteers called Port Captains that are willing and able to share local boating knowledge in areas where they boat.  This can be useful if you're new in an area or if you're planning a trip and would like local knowledge of areas along the way.  Click here to see if there's a Port Captain available in the area of interest to you.  Search can be done by state, area, waterway or boating chart.